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On the high conical wooded hill, there are ruins of Smoleń Castle. In the same century, the wood and earth fortification was burnt down during the battles between Władysław I the Elbow-high and the Wacław II. Only the round tower survived, to which  a residential house and the walls surrounding the east courtyard were built over time. On the opposite side of the hill there was a second courtyard with farm buildings and a well over 200 metres deep built.  At the end of the 16th century, after the death of the last of the Pilecki family, the castle was passed into the hands of the Padniewski family. In 1655 the castle was burnt by Swedes and it survived to our times in such a state. Currently, the splendor of old times is reminded by the characteristic tower, towering over the hill.

Zamek Smoleń

The ruins of Smoleń Castle

Photos: Archive of Jurassic Communities Association; Author: Tomasz Gębuś

Between Smoleń (Silesian Province) and Domaniewice (Little Poland Province) there is extremely charming, surrounded by plenty of limestone monadnocks, Wodącej Valley. The most characteristic places are Zegarowe Skały (with Clock Cave and Bright Cave), Biśnik Rock  (with Biśnik Cave and the Dog Cave), Grodzisko Pańskie (the highest of the rocks, 480 metres above sea level) and the Grodzisko Chłopskie.

Smoleń - Skały Zegarowe

Smoleń. The view from Clock Rocks

Photos: Archive of Jurassic Communities Association; Author: Tomasz Gębuś

At the foot of Clock rocks there is one of the most famous caves in the Smoleńsko - Niegowonickie range, called Clock Cave. Three openings lead to its inside. The main - western - corridor leads to an extensive chamber 20 m long. According to the legend, at Midsummer Night and Christmas, the clock strikes on the hour. Hence the name Clock Cave. Above Clock Rocks below the peak of one of the monadnocks, there is an entrance to the Bright Cave (also called Sun Cave) that 10 thousand years ago was inhabited by the people of Aurignacian culture.

Another well-known cave is Biśnik Cave in which human traces from several hundred thousand years ago were found.  In winter, skiing supporters can benefit from a ski slope in Smoleń.


Sightseeing: Year-round (the castle from the outside), Bright Cave.

Price: Free entrance (Note: the castle is currently under reconstruction works).

Distance from the hotel: 28 km (GPS: 50.438408N, 19.675042E).

Location map: Download the map. 

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