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Craft BREWERY in Hotel Villa Verde is a unique attraction for individual Guests and business groups. World-class brewery facilities and the best specialists brew beer that is served to all customers of the hotel.

Our beer is based on traditional recipes, natural products and manual work of brewers-craftsmen. This way we obtain unfiltered, naturally cloudy beer of original flavours.

For organised groups we offer Beer Tastings during which our brewer introduces Guests into the world of this golden beverage. We show the secrets of formation of outstanding tastes and passions with which beers are produced.

Visiting the Brewery during which we show the whole process of craft beer production. Visitors will see noble varieties of hops, original malts and a range of natural products. World-class brewing equipment will show the power of creating natural beer.

Beer Feast is the flagship company event in the hotel grill hut. The event in the form of Octoberfest or the Silesian feast enchants participants and fits perfectly to the Brewery climate. During the event we offer: unlimited beer, live music, beautiful Bavarian ladies, contests, jokes, tastings, unique menu and feast till the dawn.

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